Extropia's WebGuestbook

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Please find the latest version here: http://www.extropia.com/applications.html and main open source site at http://www.extropia.com/opensource.html

Extropia's WebGuestbook is "configurable so that you can specify what your guestbook file looks like and how the script-generated responses are displayed. Most of the configuration takes little more than a knowledge of HTML, so it is fairly easy to use. If configured to do so, WebGuestbook will email the guestbook administrator the text of new entries as well as add them to the guestbook. The script will also respond to new entrants with a configurable "Thank you" message. Thus, there is no need to continually monitor the page. Finally, the application comes with the capability of "four letter word" filtering for a child-safe guestbook. You can censor words by adding them to a list of "bad words."

Starting the WebGuestbook
The WebGuestbook is installed in your user directory. You can create links to the WebGuestbook from any page in your site by adding a relative link to /cgi-bin/guestbook/guestbook.cgi
For example, in your index.html page, you can add a link to the WebGuestbook with the following line of html code:
<a href="cgi-bin/guestbook/guestbook.cgi">WebGuestbook</a>
To go to the WebGuestbook right now, click here.
To change the settings of the WebGuestbook, edit configuration files in /cgi-bin/guestbook/ of your user directory.