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Mahatma Gandhi
  • GANDHI - His Life and Philosophy, Part I (RA, 31'34), Part II (RA, 32'13)
  • MAHATMA GANDHI Centenary Commemoration Record, (RA, 56'39)
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Part I (WMA, 22'01), Part II (WMA, 22'27)
  • Indian Underground Radio (Congress Radio), 1942, Part I (WMA, 45'32), Part II (WMA, 45'49), Part III (WMA, 45'49), Part IV (WMA, 25'34)
  • The Words of Gandhi, Part I (WMA, 25'36), Part II (WMA, 22'14)
  • Voices of Freedom (two cassettes), Part I (WMA, 38'49), Part II (WMA, 46'24)
  • Mohandas Gandhi - My Experiments with Truth, (two cassettes), Part I (WMA, 45'54), Part II (WMA, 44'30) Part III (WMA, 38'20), Part IV (WMA, 37'29)
  • Gandhi's Message Today, (WMA, 42'07, external), Paul Goodwin talks with Ela Gandhi
  • Tully Traces Gandhi, (RA, 28'59, external), by Mark Tully
  • Gandhi: Radio Documentary, (RA, 50'57, external), by Pete Myers
  • My Life is my Message, ( RA, 44'21), by Melvin de Mellow
  • Conversations with Gandhi, (WMA, 28'22)
  • Audio Selections From "Affirmations That Work" by William Simpson: 


    Supremely Happy                                 All Fear Disappears

    Divine Love                                           Extremely Successful

    I Am Happy                                          I Feel Wonderful

    Perfect Health                                    Spiritual Magnet

    (with thanks to William Simpson -

     Audio Selections From "Quotations & Affirmations That Sustain, Inspire And Empower":


        Ansari - Walk On Water

         Mother Teresa - At The Moment of Death.

         Psychological Impact of Change

         Changless is The Supreme Lord of Love

         Darwin - Highest Stage In Moral Culture

         Disconnect From The Past

         Einstein - Thinking

         Florence Scovel Shinn - Fear and Faith

         Lao Tzu - Finding Unity

         Joseph Campbell - Follow Your Bliss

         Mother Teresa - The Fruit of Silence

         Huang Po - When Thoughts Arise

         Franz Kafka - At Your Table

         Carl Jung - Look Into Your Heart

         Nothing Is Lost


    For more information on the complete recording of "Quotations & Affirmations That Sustain, Inspire and Empower", please click Here.


    Patterns of Thinking

         St. Francis - Prayer

         Mother Teresa - Prayer To Jesus

         Tao Te Ching - Return To The Source

         The Risk of Change

         Book of Romans - Do Not Be Conformed To This World

         See Things

         Rabindranath Tagore - We Imagine Our Mind Is A Mirror

         Helen Keller - True Happiness

         Vivekananda - We Are What Our Thoughts Have Made Us

         William James - Man Is Made Or Unmade

         Upanishads - Wisdom And The Self

         Paramahansa Yogananda - Mind Is The Creator


     Affirmation - The Answer Is Within Me

         Affirmation - Divine Love

         Affirmation - Happy And Healthy

         Affirmation - More Like Myself

         Affirmation - Within The Flow

    (with thanks to William Simpson -

    Dalai Lama

    Public Talk:
    World Peace
    through Inner Peace

    Garland of Views pt 1
    Garland of Views pt 2
    Garland of Views pt 3
    Garland of Views pt 4

    Mandarin Chinese
    Garland of Views pt 1
    Garland of Views pt 2
    Garland of Views pt 3
    Garland of Views pt 4

    Speaker Topic With thanks to Length
    Diana Winston Dharma and Money     [Download] [Play] 43:11
    Gil Fronsdal Purifying the Mind     [Download] [Play] 46:01
    Shaila Catherine Mindfulness of Mind     [Download] [Play] 57:57
    Gil Fronsdal Mental Noting     [Download] [Play] 42:38
    Donald Rothberg Equanimity     [Download] [Play] 46:47
    Shaila Catherine Mindfulness of Feelings     [Download] [Play] 48:22
    Paul Haller Bearing Witness     [Download] [Play] 48:02
    Shaila Catherine Mindfulness of Body     [Download] [Play] 44:44
    Andrea Fella Introduction to Mindfulness (Week 5 - Part 1)     [Download] [Play] 48:25
    Andrea Fella Introduction to Mindfulness (Week 5 - Part 2)     [Download] [Play] 31:39
    Angie Boissevain Not Taking That Which Is Not Given     [Download] [Play] 33:40
    Andrea Fella Introduction to Mindfulness (Week 4 - Part 1)     [Download] [Play] 45:58
    Andrea Fella Introduction to Mindfulness (Week 4 - Part 2)     [Download] [Play] 43:20
    Gil Fronsdal Paramis: Loving Kindness     [Download] [Play] 43:35
    Gil Fronsdal Clear Comprehension     [Download] [Play] 41:35
    This is a series of talks on the Five Hindrances offered by Gil Fronsdal in 2004.









    Sensual Desire    




    Ill Will    




    Sloth and Torpor    













    Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan - the great Sufi master

    1st Jhana

    2nd Jhana: The Thinking Behind the Universe

    3rd Jhana: The Emotion Behind the Universe

    4th Jhana: The Consciousness Behind the Universe

    A Transfigured World: the View from Within

    Keys to Meditation

    All Pervading Light

    As a Promise of Resurrection

    Attuning to Glorification

    Absorbing Light, Radiating Light

     Metta Meditation

    (11 minutes)
    Cultivating Loving kindness with Sharon Salzberg
    This meditation excerpted from Loving Kindness Meditation.

    The Loving Self Meditation

     (7:30 minutes)
    with Iyanla Vanzant
    This meditation excerpted from Giving to Yourself First

      The Commitment Meditation (6:40 minutes)
    with Gay Hendricks
    This meditation excerpted from Attracting Genuine Love.
    Christian Meditation (11 minutes)
    with James Finley
    This meditation excerpted from Christian Meditation.
    Self-Esteem (16 minutes)
    with Caroline Myss
    This meditation excerpted from Self-Esteem.
    The Power of Now

    (7 minutes)
    with Eckhart Tolle
    This meditation excerpted from The Realization of Being.

    Vipassana Meditation

    (12 minutes)
    Developing Insight and Awareness with Jack Kornfield
    This meditation excerpted from Meditation for Beginners.


    Thich Nhat Hanh

     Thich Nhat Hanh was born in central Vietnam in the mid-1920s and at age 16 became a monk. During the Vietnam War, he and many of his fellow monks became actively engaged in helping war victims and speaking out for peace. In 1966, he was invited to the U.S., where he met with hundreds of groups and individuals, including Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Merton, and Daniel Berrigan. In 1967, Dr. King nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. As a result of his outspokenness, Thich Nhat Hanh was unable to return to Vietnam, and requested and received asylum in France. In 1982, he founded Plum Village, a monastic retreat community near Bordeaux, where he resides when not on tour. He has written more than a dozen books, including "Being Peace," "Living Buddha, Living Christ," and "The Miracle of Mindfulness."
    Calm Waters (3:22)
    Using the metaphor of a mountain lake, this meditation focuses on calming turbulent feelings. Courtesy of
    Sounds True.

    A Breathing Exercise (3:11)
    How simple attention to breath enhances our awareness and enjoyment of the present moment. Courtesy of
    Sounds True.


    These are talks by Swami Kriyananda a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda for over fifty years. The topics of these talks include how to apply spiritual principles to daily life, deep insights on meditation and yoga, inspiring stories of Yogananda, and more

    Yogananda's Mission to the World
    Download MP3 (audio), 39 MB

    The Role We Can Play in Yogananda's Mission to the World
    Download MP3  (audio), 22 MB

    Stories of Living With the Master
    Download MP3  (audio), 20 MB

    Go Out With Joy!
    Download MP3  (audio), 25 MB

    Online Yogi's meditation clip

    (with thanks to
    This is a clip taken from Online Yogis Yoga DVD sequences at Samadhi. It is a session of guided meditation.



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