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Mahatma Gandhi
  • GANDHI - His Life and Philosophy, Part I (RA, 31'34), Part II (RA, 32'13)
  • MAHATMA GANDHI Centenary Commemoration Record, (RA, 56'39)
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Part I (WMA, 22'01), Part II (WMA, 22'27)
  • Indian Underground Radio (Congress Radio), 1942, Part I (WMA, 45'32), Part II (WMA, 45'49), Part III (WMA, 45'49), Part IV (WMA, 25'34)
  • The Words of Gandhi, Part I (WMA, 25'36), Part II (WMA, 22'14)
  • Voices of Freedom (two cassettes), Part I (WMA, 38'49), Part II (WMA, 46'24)
  • Mohandas Gandhi - My Experiments with Truth, (two cassettes), Part I (WMA, 45'54), Part II (WMA, 44'30) Part III (WMA, 38'20), Part IV (WMA, 37'29)
  • Gandhi's Message Today, (WMA, 42'07, external), Paul Goodwin talks with Ela Gandhi
  • Tully Traces Gandhi, (RA, 28'59, external), by Mark Tully
  • Gandhi: Radio Documentary, (RA, 50'57, external), by Pete Myers
  • My Life is my Message, ( RA, 44'21), by Melvin de Mellow
  • Conversations with Gandhi, (WMA, 28'22)
  • Audio Selections From "Affirmations That Work" by William Simpson: 


    Supremely Happy                                 All Fear Disappears

    Divine Love                                           Extremely Successful

    I Am Happy                                          I Feel Wonderful

    Perfect Health                                    Spiritual Magnet

    (with thanks to William Simpson -

     Audio Selections From "Quotations & Affirmations That Sustain, Inspire And Empower":


        Ansari - Walk On Water

         Mother Teresa - At The Moment of Death.

         Psychological Impact of Change

         Changless is The Supreme Lord of Love

         Darwin - Highest Stage In Moral Culture

         Disconnect From The Past

         Einstein - Thinking

         Florence Scovel Shinn - Fear and Faith

         Lao Tzu - Finding Unity

         Joseph Campbell - Follow Your Bliss

         Mother Teresa - The Fruit of Silence

         Huang Po - When Thoughts Arise

         Franz Kafka - At Your Table

         Carl Jung - Look Into Your Heart

         Nothing Is Lost


    For more information on the complete recording of "Quotations & Affirmations That Sustain, Inspire and Empower", please click Here.


    Patterns of Thinking

         St. Francis - Prayer

         Mother Teresa - Prayer To Jesus

         Tao Te Ching - Return To The Source

         The Risk of Change

         Book of Romans - Do Not Be Conformed To This World

         See Things

         Rabindranath Tagore - We Imagine Our Mind Is A Mirror

         Helen Keller - True Happiness

         Vivekananda - We Are What Our Thoughts Have Made Us

         William James - Man Is Made Or Unmade

         Upanishads - Wisdom And The Self

         Paramahansa Yogananda - Mind Is The Creator


     Affirmation - The Answer Is Within Me

         Affirmation - Divine Love

         Affirmation - Happy And Healthy

         Affirmation - More Like Myself

         Affirmation - Within The Flow

    (with thanks to William Simpson -

    Interview With The Dalai Lama (BBC)

         The Different Levels Of Consciousness - Dial Up

          How He Describes Himself - Dial Up

          How He Discovered - Dial Up

          The Importance Of Compassion - Dial Up

          No Creator - Dial Up

          Violence Is Never Acceptable - Dial Up

    The Law Of Miracles


    Arctic Dawn

    Lucid Dreams


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    Soaring Eagle

    Wind Dancing  

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    Beyond the outer limits of the Solar System   

    Formless Stream


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    Sacred Spaces


    Sacred Spaces

    No Separation

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    Bamboo Music



      unknown journey

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    Deep Sky Divers



    distant sound of the sea

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    Deep Sky Divers



    ivory coast

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